We are happy to continue our series of posts, which are inspired by Drug Hunter’s “Small Molecules of the Month”!
Here are two molecules that were recently highlighted by Drug Hunter!


1. “Compound 1” was identified as a potent CD33/Siglec 3 splicing modulator from the HTS splicing screen. CD33 receptor is known to regulate microglia activity and its mutations conjugated with neurodegenerative diseases e.g., late-onset Alzheimer’s disease. “Compound 1” increases the skipping of exon 2 of the CD33 pre-mRNA which is an example of pharmacological interventions used to make changes in disease-relevant splicing.

You can find the analogs to this molecule here!


2. LEO 134310 is a non-steroidal, potent, and selective glucocorticoid receptor (GR) agonist for topical use. It shows a higher therapeutic index in the skin inflammation mouse model with rapid deactivating in the blood compared with currently used glucocorticoids. Now, LEO 134310 is in a Phase 1b study (safety, tolerability, and pharmacodynamic effects) in adults with chronic plaque psoriasis.

You can find the analogs to this molecule here!


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