Today George wants to remind you about an amazing approach to Drug Discovery – DNA-encoded libraries. Although it is used mainly for small molecules, this method is also utilized for macrocycles.
On average, a new macrocyclic drug is marketed every year, and the number of them constantly increases. Even though designing such a drug is still a quite hard task, DELs are used as a solution to it. The authors of todays’ article talk about the synthesis of macrocyclic libraries, cyclization techniques, and reported screening results. The full text is available here.

Continuing on this topic, we want to remind you about two great macrocyclic compound sets, that might become a great start for your research, so check them out as well.

Chemspace also offers OpenDEL®: a self-serve product from HitGen Inc. It will help you to apply DNA-encoded chemistry to your projects, so you might want to check it out as well.

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