This was a great PROTACs week! We really hope you enjoyed the campaign!

Today we want to present our new product – PROTACs libraries. We have put a lot of resources into them, that is why we are proud to finally add them to our website.

What are these libraries?
As you already know, in order to form a PROTAC you need three parts. Today we are ready to offer you two new libraries of linkers and warheads.
The linkers library is based on bifunctional Building Blocks including PEG fragments, that are known to be most commonly used.
The anchors library is based on common E3 ligase ligands including bestatin, thalidomide, kb02, etc.

All of the compounds were carefully selected from our Chemspace in-stock compounds.
You can already download those from our website! Just follow this link:

Also, we know how important intellectual property is. That is why for the third crucial part of the PROTACs structure we offer a personalized library that will be made based on your target and sent to you directly.

This is the best way to build your own PROTAC compounds and start your research using this amazing technology.


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