Today George is happy to share a new Chemspace co-authored article!


The paper is called ‘Creation of targeted compound libraries based on 3D shape recognition' and our professionals (Andrii Kyrylchuk, Iryna Kravets, Anton Cherednichenko, Valentyna Tararina, Анна Капелюха, Dmytro Dudenko, Mykola Protopopov) are sharing the new methodology of creating targeted libraries using USRCAT (The Ultrafast Shape Recognition with CREDO Atom Types).

The article is available here.

Also, check out our two products, that are described in the paper - GPCRs Targeted Library and Protein Kinases Targeted Libraries.

They might become a great start for your research!


By the way, we are also offering custom library design, so drop an email at if you are interested.