Meet Chemspace Monthly Digest!

Here is a summary of all Chemspace news and highlights for May in case you have missed them!



1. Photos from Swiss Biotech Day 2022 are here!

2. We took part in the CEBioForum 2022 in Warsaw!

3. Chemspace team was glad to meet all of you at the ACCORD 2022!



1. Freedom Space supported by BioSolveIT - infiniSee 4 “Pandora”!

2. Thank you SABPA for featuring Chemspace!

3. Four Compound Sets are updated!

4. New Chemspace co-authored publication is out!

5. One more new Chemspace co-authored article is out!

6. Great work on the exploration of enumerated chemical spaces!


Meet Chemspace Team:

1. The Chemspace team is here with you!

2. Our NEW series of posts - #Meet_Chemspace_team – CEO Dr. Yurii Moroz!



1. “Molecule Builder”- a NEW content series by George!

2. Indoles in medicinal chemistry

3. Sulfoximines as rising stars in modern Drug Discovery

4. Highlighted examples of Fragment-to-Lead MedChem publications


There are 4 NEW SUPPLIERS this month:

1. Celtarys

2. ELK (Wuhan) Biotechnology CO., Ltd.


4. Biopharma PEG (Biochempeg) Scientific Inc.