Meet Chemspace Monthly Digest!

Here is a summary of all Chemspace news and highlights for October in case you have missed them!



1. ML + DEL = A promising solution for early Drug Discovery. Chemspace offers opportunities for you to apply this approach to your projects!

Promo is available on Chemspace YouTube Channel! 

2. Chemspace Catalog is already updated! Now you can search in 4.3+ BILLION molecules!

3. Chemspace provides computational chemistry services! Now you can check the facilities of our computational chemistry team upon request.


GPCR Campaign:

1. Chemspace started GPCR information week with a post about GPCRomics - an approach to discovering GPCR drug targets! (post #1)

2. Impact of GPCR Structures on Drug Discovery (post #2)

3. Cryo-EM as a promising approach for GPCR Drug Discovery (post #3)

4. Final post of our GPCR campaign - Chemspace reveals GPCRs Targeted Library!


BB sets:

1. Molecules of This Month were Hetaryl Primary Amines!

2. Building Blocks for Analogs of Atogepant



1. Acetylenes in medicinal chemistry

2. Substituted Bridged Pyrrolidines: Escaping from Flatland

3. Antiproliferative activity of thiazole and oxazole derivatives


There is 1 NEW SUPPLIER this month:

1. vivitide, LLC