In 2020, a group of authors published an article called ‘Escaping from Flatland: Substituted Bridged Pyrrolidine Fragments with Inherent Three-Dimensional Character’. The scientists used photochemical reactions to build a bridged pyrrolidine moiety, which was then modified to obtain a group of compounds with various substituents.
The authors talk about the importance of sp3-enriched compounds in Medicinal chemistry and also provide the results of their computational studies on the compounds, that they synthesized in this work.

Based on the article, we prepared a great set of substituted bridged pyrrolidines, that will become a great start for your research!

You can use this link to browse and download the set!

Also, we want to remind you, that we have a 3D-Shaped Fragments Library, that includes compounds with high fsp3 value!

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