Meet Chemspace Monthly Digest!


Here is a summary of all Chemspace news and highlights for December in case you have missed them:



1. Thanks to everyone for joining the Chemspace&BioSolveIT Webinar 'Chemical Space Docking: Mining Billions of On-Demand Molecules in 3D'!

The recording is now available by this link!



1. Now you can specify the type of products while submitting your query on Chemspace!


Building Block sets:

1. Molecules of This Week are 1,3-Dioxane-5-Amines
2. Building Blocks for Analogs of Lonafarnib
3. Drug Candidate Analogs. "BAY 1217224"


1. Heavy fragments

2. Shape‐Diverse 3D Fragments

3. Non-Classical Phenyl Bioisosteres


There are 2 NEW SUPPLIERS this month:

1. Chem-Impex Int'l. Inc

2. TCI America