Meet Chemspace Monthly Digest!


Here is a summary of all Chemspace news and highlights for November in case you have missed them:


1. Thanks to everyone for joining the Webinar ' an overview'!

The recording is now available by this link!
2. Announcement of Chemspace & BioSolveIT Webinar 'Chemical Space Docking: Mining Billions of On-Demand Molecules in 3D', which will take place at 5:00 PM (CET) on December, 9. (Registration:


1. Please discover our Framework-Derived Set – a new approach we offer to surf the Chemspace database!

Building Block sets:

1. Drug Candidate Analogs. "Compound 3d"
2. Molecules of This Week are Alkyl Halides
3. Building Blocks for Analogs of Fostemsavir
4. Molecules of This Week are Hetaryl Halides
5. Drug Candidate Analogs. "BMS-986143"



1. Pre-Plated Covalent Fragments set

2. ChEMBL analogs and ChEMBL actives sets


There is 1 NEW SUPPLIER this month:
1. Molnova Chemicals