Meet Chemspace Monthly Digest!


Here is a summary of all Chemspace news and highlights for July in case you have missed them:



1. Thanks to everyone for joining the Chemspace & Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica Webinar 'Intelligent DNA Encoded Library (iDEL) Technology for Small Molecule Drug Discovery'

The recording is now available on Chemspace YouTube Channel!

2. We also thank everyone for joining the Chemspace & Vision Arcanum Webinar 'Towards a more natural way to draw chemical structures'

The recording is now available on Chemspace YouTube Channel!



1. New version of the REAL Space is searchable through Chemspace!

2. Now a new section is available on the Chemspace website! 


DEL Campaign Final post

1. We did our best to create an informative series of posts on DNA-encoded libraries (DEL)!

And we are ending the campaign by introducing «OpenDEL® - Billions in a Vial!» - a great product from our partners to start off your research using DEL!


Building Block sets:

1. Molecules of The Week were Hetaryl Halide Nitriles

2. We are happy to continue our new inspired by Drug Hunter’s “Small Molecules of the Month” series (!

You can find Analogs to Two New Biological Tool Compounds on our website in section News.

3. Molecules of The Week were Hetaryl Amino Halides

4. Building Blocks for Analogs of Belumosudil



1. Identifying fragment library members  

2. Bioisosteric replacement of some common fragments  

3. Pyrazolopyrimidines as anticancer kinase inhibitors

4. Reducing lipophilicity with the help of azaspiro[3.3]heptanes

5. Oxazolidinone Scaffolds as Antibacterial Drugs


There is 1 NEW SUPPLIER this month:

1. Elsa Biotechnology Co., Ltd