Meet Chemspace Monthly Digest!

Here is a summary of all Chemspace news and highlights for November in case you have missed them!


1. Chemspace is proud to present Protein Kinases Targeted Libraries!
    Do not waste your time and check out this product!

2. Meet Chemspace mascots – George and Alex Spacey!
3. New Publications section is now available on the website!
4. We were happy to see you at CPhI Worldwide 2021! Hope to meet you next year again!

1. We are happy to continue our video series - Chemspace Tutorials!
    The recordings of new three parts are on Chemspace YouTube Channel:
     - Tutorial 3. “Structure Search”
     - Tutorial 4. “Post-Processing of The Results”
     - Tutorial 5. “Inquiry and Order”

BB sets:
1. Molecules of This Month were Halogenated Benzaldehydes!!
2. Building Blocks for Analogs of Viloxazine

1. Bioactive pyrrole-based compounds with target selectivity
2. Sulfoximines in medicinal chemistry
3. Imidazo[1,2-b]pyridazines in medicinal chemistry
4. Macrocycles in DNA-encoded libraries