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  • Join our team at the Fragment-based Drug Discovery Meeting!

    Olga Tarkhanova and Rita Gaidar are eager to explore potential collaborations and showcase our latest achievements in Fragment-based Drug Discovery.

  • Chemspace Monthly Digest. February 2024

    Did you miss any of our February news and highlights? Here is a comprehensive summary of our posts for this month!

  • Meet our team at the upcoming conference!

    Our Olga Tarkhanova and Rita Gaidar will be at the Conformational Design in Drug Discovery 2024.

    They will be sharing valuable insights into the key role of conformational design in the medicinal chemistry.

  • Exciting News!

    Our General Pre-Plated Library has expanded! Now featuring over 672,000 compounds ready to support your High Throughput Screening campaign.

    Begin your research for the next groundbreaking hit compound with our ever-expanding General Pre-Plated Library!

  • New weekend article review is out!

    Have you been missing our 'Weekend article' feature? If so, we have a treat for you! Follow the link below to explore the innovative new synthon-based virtual screening method!

  • Check out our Website Update!

    Exciting news! Our newly updated website is now live! Click the link to explore our fresh design and new Discovery CRO page!

  • Chemspace Team at FBDD Conference!

    Meet Chemspace Team at 9th Fragment-based Drug Discovery Meeting in Cambridge from March 3-5! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discuss potential collaborations!

  • Meet Chemspace Team – Data Scientist Mariana Perebyinis!

    Meet Mariana Perebyinis – our Data Scientist/Chemoinformatics, another talent of the team at Chemspace!

  • Analogs to New Biological Tool Compounds

    We offer you a new post in our series inspired by Drug Hunter’s “Molecules of the Month”!

    A recently highlighted molecule is camizestrant (AZD-9833) — an orally active selective estrogen receptor degrader (SERD) now in breast cancer trials.

  • Building Blocks for DEL. Part 3. Bis(catecholato)silicates

    Exciting news in our 'Building Blocks for DEL' series! Our latest set features bis(catecholato)silicates—ideal for photoredox-catalyzed library synthesis. Over 200 compounds, bench-stable, and ready to elevate your DEL synthesis!

  • Chemspace Monthly Digest. January 2024

    We continue to summarize the latest updates from Chemspace! Check out our January post roundup!

  • Biologics for Research – Estrogen Receptors (ERs)

    Explore a selected set of 1,300+ Biologics from Chemspace for studying Estrogen Receptor (ER) pathways, pivotal targets in hormone-dependent breast cancer. Follow the link to check out the comprehensive selection at Chemspace Biologics!

  • Happy Chinese New Year!

    Wishing you a joyful and prosperous Chinese New Year! Please be advised that due to the Chinese New Year celebrations, there may be potential delays in communication and services from our Chinese vendors during the period from February 5th to February 13th.

  • Building Blocks for DEL. Part 2. Hantzsch Esters

    Chemspace introducing various 'Building Blocks for DELs'! We offer over 1000 bench-stable Hantzsch esters for innovative Drug Discovery libraries! Follow the link for more details!

  • New Press Release – NexMR Collaborates with Chemspace!

    Chemspace is proud to announce a partnership with NexMR AG, marking a significant leap in NMR-based drug discovery.

    For a detailed insight into our collaboration and its potential impact - follow the link!

  • Meet new COO – Olena Strapak!

    We are thrilled to introduce Olena Strapak, our new Chief Operating Officer! Wishing Olena inspiration and motivation in her new role, along with success in all her endeavors!

  • Meet Chemspace Team – Data Scientist Serhii Hlotov!

    Meet Serhii Hlotov, our talented data scientist!  Follow the link to learn about what fuels Serhii's interests!

  • “Molecule Builder”- a new post about Iptacopan!

    Check out the new post in the 'Molecule Builder' series! Discover selected sets of Building Blocks for the analog synthesis of recently approved drugs!

  • Analogs to New Biological Tool Compounds

    We offer you a new post in our series inspired by Drug Hunter’s “Molecules of the Month”!

    A recently highlighted molecule is LY3522348 — an orally active and highly selective dual inhibitor of hKHK-C/A.

  • Building Blocks for DEL. Part 1. Redox-Active Esters.

    Chemspace introducing various 'Building Blocks for DEL'! We offer over 1000 redox-active ester core compounds for advanced Drug Discovery libraries! Follow the link for more details!

  • New Biologics Supplier!

    We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Reed Biotech, a biologics supplier of ELISA kits, antibodies, and recombinant proteins! Follow the link for more information!

  • Meet Chemspace Year-in-Review!

    2023 was a very productive year for Chemspace Team! Today we would like to briefly summarize our achievements and events. Enjoy!

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Chemspace Team! We appreciate your trust, support, and staying with us!

  • Meet our New Supplier - Princeton BioMolecular Research!

    Chemspace catalog become even bigger! We are thrilled to have Princeton BioMolecular Research on suppliers board. Do not hesitate, follow the link and start browsing new molecules right away!

  • Chemspace Discovery Services 2023

    This year has been dynamic and fascinating. Today, we want to proudly reflect on a year of our achievements in the realms of Chemspace Discovery Services!

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