Meet Chemspace Monthly Digest! 

Here is a summary of all Chemspace news and highlights for June in case you have missed them!


By the way, we want to wish happy Independence Day to our American subscribers today! Happy 4th of July!


Our NEW Libraries:

1. Covalent Modifiers Libraries are now out on the website!

2. NEW Pre-Plated RNA Targeted Library is out!


Meet NEW series of posts devoted to new Chemspace products – Biologics:

1. Biologics for Research - Cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs)

2. Biologics for Research - Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK)



1. Freedom Space and Screening Compounds set are now available for MolSoft users!

2. New Chemspace-mentioned cover story is out!

3. A new Chemspace co-authored article is out!


Meet Chemspace Team:

1. We continue our series of posts - #Meet_Chemspace_team – COO Oleksii Gavrylenko!


Screening Compounds sets:

1. Analogs to New Biological Tool Compounds – 12

2. Analogs to New Biological Tool Compounds – 13



1. Macrocyclic compounds with antitumor activity

2. Isocyanides in Medicinal Chemistry

3. Boron Chemistry in Drug Discovery and Development

4. Medicinal chemistry of anticancer quinoxalines


There are 2 NEW SUPPLIERS this month:

1. BioBlocks, Inc.

2. J&H Chemical Co., Ltd./Hangzhou Jhechem Co., Ltd