Meet Chemspace Monthly Digest! 

Here is a summary of all Chemspace news and highlights for August in case you have missed them!



1. Chemspace featured! Article featuring Chemspace for synthetic support became available on the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry website.

2. Chemspace supports Drug Hunter!

3. Announcement of NEW Collaboration with BioSolveIT!

4. Chemspace continues to explore and grow chemical space!

5. Chemspace announces collaboration with Vision Arcanum!


FBDD Campaign

1. Augmented fragment libraries (post #1)

2. Covalent fragment libraries in Drug Discovery (post #2)

3. Developing protein-protein interaction inhibitors using FBDD (post #3)

4. Final post of FBDD campaign - We offer 11 Fragments compound sets


Building Block sets:

1. Molecules of The Week were Sulfamoyl Amines

2. We are happy to continue our new inspired by Drug Hunter’s “Small Molecules of the Month” series (!

You can find Analogs to Two New Biological Tool Compounds on our website in section News.

3. Molecules of The Week were Non-classical Amino Acids

4. Building Blocks for Analogs of Fexinidazole



1. Boronic acids in medicinal chemistry  

2. Sulfonimidamides as bioisosteres in peptide-based drug discovery  

3. Spirocycles as Bioisosteres for Aromatic Fragments