Meet Chemspace Monthly Digest!

Here is a summary of all Chemspace news and highlights for September in case you have missed them!



1. Thanks to everyone for joining the Chemspace & River Stone Bio ApS Webinar 'Improving characteristics of small molecules by enzymatic glycosylation'!

       The recording is now available on Chemspace YouTube Channel!   



1. A new Targeted Library is available on the website! More 2100 in-stock compounds!

2. Chemspace catalog update coming soon! Soon you will be able to search in 4.5+ BILLION molecules


PROTACs Campaign

1. PROTACs week is starting! Past, Present, and Future of PROTACs (post #1)

2. Linkers – a crucial part of PROTACs structure (post #2)

3. Azo-PROTACs: a promising chemical knockdown strategy (post #3)

4. Ubiquitin ligases in PROTACs design (post #4)

5. Final post of PROTACs campaign - We are happy to present our new PROTACs libraries!


BB sets:

1. Molecules of This Month are Halogenated Amino Phenols!

2. We are happy to continue inspired by Drug Hunter’s “Small Molecules of the Month” series (!

         You can find Analogs to Two New Biological Tool Compounds on our website in section News.



1. Fluorine-containing blockbuster drugs

2. A close look at recently developed covalent inhibitors

3. Hydroxamic acid derivatives in medicinal chemistry


There is 1 NEW SUPPLIER this month:

1. Chemenu, Inc.